The Raritan Inn Wedding – Lindsay & Mark

Donnette Dunbar -


Nicole Mikulas -

These pictures are so beautiful and I love your chalk boards/other add ons.

Chris Lido -

fantastic. Photog did a great job. They did have good scenery and amazing subjects though.

Mark Modoski -

Thank you Mr. Lido!!!

Don Hompesch -

Lovely wedding, great pictures. A beautiful bride and uhm… a very smart groom ; ) – You both looked fantastic, CONGRATS!

Leigh Spielvogel -

Congrats! I love you both so much. I got a little teary looking at these 🙂

Pam Maphis Larrick -

oh, I just love these pictures.They really tell a beautiful wedding day story.. Just so so wish I could have been there. xoxoox

Desiree Rizzi-Bilinsky -

Beautuful pics! Congrats! Mark your mom looks so happy and proud! God bless!

Marcel Proust -

Wow! Congratulations!!!
It is so beautiful, and such a beautiful couple. I wish you both all Happiness and Joy!
L- Kein